Say Goodbye to Loss & Theft Of Crypto

Cypherock X1 is the World’s First Hardware Wallet that never stores the private keys in a single place giving it 10x more security than a normal hardware wallet, doesn't require you to backup your Seed Phrase anywhere and helps in Inheritance of your Crypto without compromising Privacy & Control.

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How is Cypherock X1 Different?

Every hardware wallet is hackable, even your favourite ones (courtesy - Trezor Hack). Your Crypto can get Compromised in the Process. But not with Cypherock X1 since it never stores the private keys in a single place.

Cypherock X1 uses Shamir Secret Sharing and EAL 5+ Smart Cards (same secure hardware as your Credit cards) along with distributed storage to prevent single point of failure with private key security.

Simply put, your Crypto is distributed into the X1 wallet and the 4 X1 cards in such a way that you need any 1 of the cards along with the wallet to make a transaction. Your Crypto is secure even if you lost any 3 of the cards or the wallet!


No More Messy Wallet Backups

Seed phrases suck. They expose your Crypto to trust issues, hacks, thefts, fire, earthquake et al and hence it becomes a single point of failure.
With Cypherock X1, since your private key does not have a single point of failure, you don’t require backing it up.

Stress-Free Wallet Updates

Ever got a panic attack when there is a new software update from your Wallet? What if the new update steals the private key?
Not with Cypherock X1. Your X1 cards which stores your Crypto is never Upgradable and remains Cold at all times. Hence your keys are always safe even if you add a new coin on your X1 wallet device.

Choose Your Own Haven For the Cards

You can either give the X1 card to someone to protect it for you (Guardian) or keep it in a safe place. Don’t worry about your guardians colluding against you to steal your funds. Even if a guardian or a group of guardians come together and try to compromise the private keys, it is almost impossible to steal your assets without your PIN.

New Standard of Environment Damage Proof

Due to the distributed architecture of the cards, you can keep them in different locations (even planets soon hopefully) completely isolated and cold. Till any 2 cards are safe, no level of natural calamity can make you lose your Crypto.

Use It as Vault to Secure Other Seed Phrases

Say Goodbye to insecure wallet backup solutions like a paper or metal plate. Cypherock X1 can also function as a Seed Phrase backup for your other Crypto wallets.


Best Of Both World - Open Source With Secure Elements

No more dilemma to choose between open source & secure element. Open sourced wallets have risk of physical attacks and wallets with secure elements are close sourced which may have backdoors.
We took the best of both worlds and decoupled computation & storage. X1 wallet is open source and is used for computation. X1 cards have EAL 5+ secure element and is used for storage.

No More Losing Crypto In Case Something Happens To You

You have to safeguard your Crypto while you are alive and only transfer them after you are dead which is impossible if you are the only one knowing your keys.
Cypherock eliminates fear around loss of Crypto in case you die. With our beneficiary service, the assets can be transferred without Cypherock or any other party ever knowing the amount you HODL in the X1 wallet (Go Privacy!) or controlling the assets.
X1 Card
Encrypted NFC Communication
Data retention: 20+ years
Write endurance: 500k+ cycles
X1 Wallet

Compatible with Mobile Wallets

The X1 cards are Android & iOS compatible cards. Instead of using the X1 wallet, you can secure the seed phrases of your software wallets by tapping the cards on the smartphone itself. If you are a software wallet and want to offer the security of X1 cards to your users for the safety of their seed phrases.
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