HODL your own Crypto without worrying about loss or theft.

Cypherock X1 is the World's first decentralized hardware wallet

Cypherock X1 decentralizes your private keys into five cryptographic parts using Shamir's Secret Sharing, so losing one part does not mean losing funds.

Decentralized hardware

Be it Software or Hardware Wallets, most aren't secure enough for your Crypto.

Software Wallets

Software Wallets

Your keys are stored on an internet-connected device that are open to remote attacks.

Hardware Wallets

Hardware Wallets

Your keys are stored on an offline device but are still open to physical attacks

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And all of them, expose your Crypto on a piece of paper!

Through seed phrases or wallet backups, your keys are exposed to loss or theft even if your wallet is secure.

Cypherock X1 is also the World's first hardware wallet without the need for a seed phrase backup

It's a simple, secure way to hold your own keys with peace of mind that your Crypto is safe. Without the need for insecure wallet backups.



Most wallets have 2 single points of failure.

Most wallets store your private keys in a single place which doesn't adequately protect your Crypto from loss or theft. You then are forced to backup your wallet on a piece of paper which faces similar issues. If you lose access to them, your Crypto is gone forever.

Single point of failure Single point of failure



Cypherock X1 makes your Crypto resilient.

Cypherock X1 protects your Crypto by decentralizing your keys into five cryptographic parts using Shamir's Secret Sharing, each stored on a separate tamper-proof hardware for 10x protection. You and only you control this tamper-proof hardware.

Crypto resilient Crypto resilient



Lose a part? Not a problem.

Five parts protect your Crypto, but you only need two to spend it. You can lose upto three parts and still have access to your Crypto from your remaining two parts.

Shard Shard



With inbuilt protection against theft.

Even if someone gets access to two of the five parts, you are still protected against the theft of your private key by setting a PIN on top of your cards which encrypts the parts stored inside them.

Theft Theft



Designed to be durable.

If you do lose a parts or have one stolen, you can replace it easily. Just buy a replacement for the lost X1 Vault or the X1 Cards and follow the step-by-step guide here.

Durable Durable



But that's not all.

Cypherock gives you trustless recovery, stress-free wallet updates and more!

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That's not all That's not all

Cypherock X1 protects you in 3 ways


Decentralized keys

Cypherock X1 splits your keys into 5 Cryptographic parts, such that you need any 2 but at least 2 parts to make a transaction.

Multi hardware

Multi hardware

The 5 parts are stored on 5 tamper-proof hardware that can be further protected by a PIN. Hardware that is used in the banking industry for making your credit cards. We as a company never have control over these 5 parts.


Distributed locations

Each of the 5 hardware can be stored in different locations by you. That makes it nearly impossible for a thief or natural disaster to cause you to lose more than one hardware at a time.

Check out our Security page for an in-depth explanation of our security model.

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