Rekt with Airtags, networking in web3 and much more!

Sept 19, 2022 min read
Rekt with Airtags, networking in web3 and much more!

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Over the next 8-10 minutes, we will be talking about hacks that caught our eye, DApps that we found interesting and our picks from Twitter and Reddit that we enjoyed.

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What we’re covering this week

  • Stalking via Airtag 😱
  • Build your professional network on Orb 🤝
  • Happy Merge! Intro to POS ⛓
  • Why this bear market is different 🐻
  • Updates from Cypherock 🔥

Security Digest

Tag, you're it.


You’re at a bar. You’ve just purchased the latest merch that your blue chip NFT project has dropped. You’re feeling on top of the world. After having an awesome night out, you decide to head home only to realize that your iPhone is notifying you of an Airtag near you, only for you to realize that someone is trying to track you back to your home.

An Airtag is an item tracking device designed by Apple that helps user keep a track of their keys and bags. The Airtag interfaces with the iPhone using the Find My app to locate the item that your are looking for. Unfortunately, although designed to help keep a track of your items, attackers are able to use this device to target individuals and stalk them. Recently, Bored Ape holder Crypto Painter reported being targeted. They found an Airtag in the rear bumper of their car, and only came to know because they were informed by their iPhone that an Airtag was near them. Unfortunately, there is no support for Airtags with android, so it’s possible that if the person being targeted is using an android, they may never come to know.

Such an attack could be really dangerous at larger gatherings - such as web3 conferences and their respective satellite events. For attackers, such gatherings simplify the process of targeting since these events tend to attract a lot of whales, and often times would demarcate them due to the tiers of passes. Additionally, wearing merchandise of prominent NFT projects also make targeting easy.

So, how can one stay safe?

  • Thoroughly check pockets and bags to make sure that someone has not left any form of tracking device.

  • If you do find a tracking device, immediately report it to the police. It is possible that through the serial number the buyer is able to be tracked

  • Flex culture has its own set of challenges, so if you do decide on wearing the latest BAYC merch, be conscious of your surroundings, and make sure to check for Airtags thoroughly. With bored ape, comes great responsibility.

Dapp News

Networking, but make it web3


Orb is a decentralized and permissionless social media network for web3 working professionals with an end-to-end on-chain credibility system; connecting companies, projects, and people; built with Lens Protocol on the Polygon chain.

Orb is introducing a credibility system within the application that allows individuals to link POAPs and NFTs that are relevant to their education, previous work experience and projects that they may have worked on. By building a comprehensive profile, Orb users can connect with each other for job opportunities, or to just stay in touch and discuss the topics that they care about.

Additionally, Orb offers educational modules that users can complete and receive NFTs for completing the module. Additionally, companies can offer learning modules that teach prospective hires about what the company does.

The application is in beta, and you can sign up for early access here.

Twitter Tales

THE ETH MERGE WAS SUCCESSFUL. This is probably a good time to brush up on some important terminology around Proof-of-Stake.

Check out the thread here.

Reddit Reads

Why is this bear market different? Because previous market downturns had crypto being declared as dead, but this time crypto is being widely adopted argues u/vjeva.

33 major events in crypto adoption from r/CryptoCurrency

Updates from Cypherock

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