Best practices of storing your X1 Cards

November 07, 2022 7 min read
Best practices of storing your X1 Cards

Seedphrases are the biggest pain point for self-custody crypto solutions as they pose the risk of having a single point of failure in the overall security framework. Seed phrases are traditionally secured on either paper or metal sheets and can be susceptible to damage or other risks such as spillage over the page, loss, and easily readable plain text for attackers to drain out your funds. Similarly, digital storage solutions like Google drive and screenshots on PC/Smartphones are susceptible to backup devices getting corrupted, lost, stolen, and hacked.

With Cypherock X1, seedphrase backups are a thing of the past. X1 removes all of your worries about backing up your seedphrase by sharding the private key, thereby, eliminating the need for any seed phrase backup whatsoever. Cypherock’s architecture allows you to protect your keys from the majority of attack vectors and you can take advantage of it by including these tips in your security framework.

Using Protective Card Sleeve to protect your X1 cards

Cypherock provides RFID covers for all your cards in the product packaging itself. The main aim of these Protective Card Sleeves is to create a faraday cage - an enclosure designed to block electromagnetic fields which prevent any unauthorized remote scanning of your X1 Cards.

It is recommended to always keep your X1 Cards in these sleeves, especially if you manually opted out from creating a PIN for your wallet account. Keeping Cards without PIN and Card Sleeves can lead to unauthorized access to your X1 Cards.

Geographical Separation

To maximize security, the X1 Cards should be distributed geographically to prevent an attacker from obtaining any two shards and being able to access the assets secured by the wallet.

Crypto security is still in its nascent stage. As we develop our products, we try to maintain a balance of convenience with the highest level of security possible. While experts do not recommend breaking seedphrases into parts and storing them separately. Cypherock X1 shards help solve that problem and in fact, the further the cards are separated, the more secure your Crypto assets become. As farther geographic separation helps add a layer of security by making it trickier for attackers to get hold of multiple shards.

Recommended temperature range of X1 cards: -20℃ to +50℃ Users are recommended to not keep X1 Cards exposed to sunlight for long durations.

Choosing Human Guardian

With Cypherock X1, you are empowered to safely share your X1 Cards with guardians without the fear of them being able to hack your funds. But at the same time, it is advisable to give custody to people who you trust.

Although selecting a guardian is a highly personal decision and varies from person to person, but it is recommended to keep the following in mind at the time of your decision-making.

  • Trust-worthiness
  • Accessibility
  • Degree of Connection

Also, it is recommended, if you choose to give custody of your X1 Cards to human guardians, you do so only after setting up a PIN on the wallet. Cypherock has a three-layered security framework. These are Decentralized Keys, Distributed locations, and PINs. PIN passwords on your wallets act as the ultimate security layer, what it means is, in case an attacker is able to find any two X1 cards, they still won’t be able to attack your funds until they know about your PIN. Cypherock architecture prevents brute-force attacks on Cypherock X1 by implementing an incremental wait time for wrong pin attempts. Brute-force attempts lock the wallets for up to 100 years.