Controversial hardware wallet update sparks backlash - Cypherock X1 emerges as secure alternative

Team Cypherock
Team Cypherock
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Controversial hardware wallet update sparks backlash - Cypherock X1 emerges as secure alternative

In recent discussions across online communities, concerns have been raised about a new update from a popular hardware wallet provider. The update introduces a controversial feature that allows social recovery of seed phrases, departing from the main security assumption that private keys should never be exposed to any API or should never leave the hardware environment. While the response from the Twitter and Reddit communities has been largely critical, it presents an opportunity to shed light on an alternative solution that prioritizes self-custody and eliminates the need for traditional seed phrases. In this article, we will delve into the details of this update without explicitly naming the company involved. We will also introduce Cypherock and their revolutionary hardware wallet, the Cypherock X1, which aims to address these concerns and provide enhanced security for crypto holders.

The Update:

The recent update from a leading hardware wallet provider has sparked considerable controversy within the crypto community. The update enables a social recovery mechanism where seed phrases are encrypted into three shards and distributed among different entities. These entities can reconstruct the seed for users after the completion of ID verification. While this feature aims to offer a custodial backup solution, concerns have been raised about the potential risks associated with sharing sensitive information and the possibility of unauthorized access by malicious third parties.

Community Concerns:

Twitter and Reddit communities have been quick to voice their dissatisfaction with this update, emphasizing the importance of self-custody and warning against trusting third parties with private keys. Users have expressed skepticism about the claim that recovery seeds never leave the device, given the capability of the firmware to transmit encrypted shards to external entities. The potential risks associated with this approach have fueled concerns about the security and trustworthiness of such a system.

Introducing Cypherock X1: Eliminating Seed Phrases for Enhanced Security:

Cypherock, a pioneering player in the hardware wallet industry, is dedicated to providing a solution that eliminates seed phrases altogether, addressing the concerns raised by the community. Their groundbreaking hardware wallet, the Cypherock X1, takes a different approach to private key management, leveraging a sharding mechanism to ensure uncompromising security while enabling self-custody for crypto holders.

Key Features of Cypherock X1:

Amidst the growing disillusionment with ongoing popular cold wallet’s approach, a beacon of hope emerges in the form of Cypherock X1. This innovative solution aims to liberate crypto holders from the shackles of seed phrases and restore genuine self-custody to the cryptocurrency landscape. Let’s explore the extraordinary features offered by Cypherock X1:

Sharding Mechanism: Cypherock X1 employs a sophisticated sharding mechanism that splits private keys into five independent shards, ensuring that no single shard can reveal the entire key. These shards remain securely within the hardware environment, eliminating the risk of exposure to external entities.

Trustless Self-Custody: Cypherock X1 enables users to take full control of their private keys without relying on any third-party custodial services. Say goodbye to the apprehension of entrusting your valuable assets to external entities. Cypherock X1 is the safest web3 wallet to ever exist. It is the world’s first crypto wallet without a seed phrase.

Advanced Key Management: Instead of using vulnerable seed phrases, Cypherock X1 employs a sophisticated key generation and sharding mechanism. Multiple private key shares are securely stored across separate tamper-proof physical devices, eliminating the risks associated with a single point of failure.

Unparalleled Security: Cypherock X1 incorporates multi-factor authentication, and robust hardware security measures, to fortify the protection of your crypto holdings. Rest assured, your assets are shielded from both digital and physical threats.

Offline Transaction Signing: With Cypherock X1, you can confidently sign transactions offline, eliminating the risks associated with exposing your private keys online. Your transaction details remain securely stored within the device, ensuring peace of mind during every transaction.

Beneficiary service: Protecting your cryptocurrency holdings while you’re alive, and ensuring their secure transfer after your passing, can be a significant concern. However, Cypherock provides a solution that eliminates any worries related to the loss of your crypto assets upon your demise. Our beneficiary service allows for the seamless transfer of your assets without the involvement of Cypherock or any third party, all while maintaining the utmost privacy and control over the amount you hold in your X1 wallet. With our solution, you can rest assured knowing that your crypto is safeguarded and that your wishes for its transfer will be fulfilled while maintaining complete confidentiality.

With Cypherock X1, users can break free from the apprehension of third-party custody and regain control over their private keys. Advanced key management techniques, such as key sharding across multiple devices, ensure resilience against single points of failure. This decentralized approach provides unparalleled security and protection for crypto holdings.


While the recent update from a prominent hardware wallet provider has ignited concerns within the crypto community, it serves as a reminder of the importance of self-custody and the need for innovative solutions. Cypherock, with their groundbreaking hardware wallet, the Cypherock X1, offers a compelling alternative that eliminates the reliance on seed phrases and provides enhanced security for crypto holders. By leveraging a sharding mechanism and incorporating advanced security features, Cypherock X1 empowers users to maintain complete control over their digital assets without compromising on trust or convenience. It represents a significant step towards a future where self-custody and security go hand in hand.

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