Top three ways to backup your seed phrases

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Top three ways to backup your seed phrases

Securing and Safeguarding Your Crypto Seed Phrases

A seed phrase is a crucial sequence of words utilized to generate deterministic wallets. When it comes to human interaction, a mnemonic code or sentence is far more accessible and user-friendly than dealing with raw binary or hexadecimal representations of a wallet seed.

More than just a string of words, the seed phrase is your lifeline to accessing your cryptocurrency holdings. Safeguarding it securely is an absolutely essential step, as the knowledge and ownership of your seed phrase effectively equates to ownership of your funds.

While it is a common recommendation from wallet providers to write down your seed phrase on paper and store it in a secure place, this step alone does not provide sufficient protection. To truly ensure the safety of your crypto assets, it’s imperative to consider not only what your seed phrase is stored on but also how it is stored.

In this article, we delve into the critical aspects of backing up and storing your seed phrase, addressing the paramount questions of where and how to secure this vital piece of information.

1. Paper Backup

One of the more common and straightforward methods for safeguarding crypto seed phrases is using paper. This approach is often recommended by wallet providers in their guidance.

Seed phrase paper backup

However, it’s crucial to understand that relying solely on paper does not provide the level of security needed.

Paper, in itself, does not offer a high level of security. A physical piece of paper with the seed phrase remains unprotected and unencrypted. Without encryption, the seed phrase is written in plain text on paper, making it vulnerable to theft or prying eyes. Any exposure to the seed phrase can potentially compromise your cryptocurrency holdings.

Handwriting a seed phrase on paper also introduces a significant risk of human error. Illegible handwriting or confusing characters, such as the similarity between “cl” and “d,” may lead to difficulties in accurately recovering crypto assets.

If the seed phrase is backed up on paper, it is critical to take additional safety measures. At the very least, the paper should be kept or stored in a locked safe. This action minimizes the chances of unauthorized individuals gaining access to your sensitive information while also keeping it safe from fire and water.

To mitigate the risk of losing your crypto assets in the event of damage or loss of your paper backup, duplicate copies can be made and stored in different secure locations. This redundancy can help safeguard your access to funds.

However, it is important to note that none of these measures are sufficient to guarantee the safety of your funds and assets when relying solely on keeping your seed phrase on a paper backup, as it acts as a single point of failure.

2. Metal Backup

Metal backups elevate the security and durability of seed phrase preservation to a higher level when compared to paper backups. This method involves etching the seed phrase onto sturdy stainless steel or titanium plates, with stainless steel being the more commonly preferred option. The resilience of this approach ensures that your seed phrase remains unscathed, as metal backups are sturdy, fireproof, waterproof, and corrosion-proof.

Seed phrase metal backup

It is important to be very careful while engraving the words onto the metal sheet or plate, as any mistake in engraving the words on the metal could lead to confusion and difficulties in accurately recovering crypto assets.

Choosing a steel plate as your backup medium provides some advantages and effectively addresses some of the vulnerabilities associated with paper backups. Nevertheless, akin to any physical storage medium, it is essential to shield the plate from unauthorized access. Additionally, it’s important to note that the seed phrase still remains in an unprotected and unencrypted format. Thus, securing it in a well-protected location is of utmost importance, and, if possible, encrypting the seed phrase before engraving it onto the steel is strongly recommended.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that this method does introduce a notable risk associated with physical security breaches. Storing the seed phrase within a metal sheet or piece still represents a single point of failure, where a breach could potentially compromise access to your crypto assets.

3. Cypherock X1

The Cypherock X1 offers a more convenient and secure solution. It cryptographically divides your BIP-39 seed phrase into five distinct parts using Shamir Secret Sharing.

Cypherock X1

These five parts are then securely distributed across four X1 cards and the X1 vault, which serves as the central device equipped with a built-in screen. You can set a unique PIN to protect each of these parts (seed phrase) individually on these five hardware components (the X1 vault and four X1 cards), adding an extra layer of security. This approach ensures that all five parts of your seed phrase remain encrypted and well protected, so even if someone gains unauthorized access to any of these cards or the vault, they will not have access to the seed phrase. Store each of these four cards in four different locations, and your funds are safe.

Cypherock X1 Flow

Since the Cypherock X1 employs Shamir Secret Sharing to split the seed phrase, it enables the reconstruction of the full seed phrase with just two out of the five parts. This is achievable through the two-of-five threshold scheme that Cypherock X1 uses. Users can utilize any two of the X1 cards or combine an X1 card with the X1 Vault to recover the full seed phrase. This ensures that even if a user were to lose one or two parts, such as a card or the vault, they would not lose access to their funds.

This backup strategy eliminates the need for manually transcribing the seed phrase onto physical objects like paper or metal plates, where the seed phrase would be stored in an unprotected and unencrypted form. One of the key advantages of the Cypherock X1 is its solution to the single point of failure problem, which often arises from centralized access to the seed phrase. Instead, it decentralizes the seed phrase by distributing it across the X1 vault and X1 cards, keeping the seed phrase secure and offline. The Cypherock X1 is BIP-39 compatible, which enables secure storage and backup of existing BIP-39 seed phrases from your other wallets like MetaMask, Ledger, Trezor, and more.

It’s important to highlight that, in contrast to numerous other hardware wallets, the Cypherock X1 provides users with the capability to store and securely manage up to four distinct BIP-39 wallet accounts. This functionality proves invaluable for individuals who possess multiple wallets, as it eliminates the necessity for users to uphold multiple separate pieces of paper or metal backups for each of their seed phrases.

In this way, the Cypherock X1 wallet provides users with the flexibility to use the device either as a personal hardware crypto wallet or as a dedicated seed phrase backup manager for other wallets, making it a versatile and secure option for safeguarding cryptocurrency assets.

A Smart Choice for Cryptocurrency Protection

In conclusion, safeguarding your crypto seed phrase is of paramount importance, as it grants access to your valuable cryptocurrency holdings. Therefore, choosing the correct backup method for your seed phrase is crucial. While traditional methods such as paper backups and metal plates offer some level of protection, they also come with their own set of vulnerabilities, from human error to physical security breaches.

The Cypherock X1, through the use of Shamir Secret Sharing and the distribution of your seed phrase across multiple parts, effectively eliminates the single point of failure associated with traditional backup methods. With the Cypherock X1, even the loss of one or two parts will not compromise access to your funds. Furthermore, the device ensures that your seed phrase remains encrypted and well-protected, reducing the risk of theft or unauthorized access.

Whether you’re in need of a personal hardware crypto wallet or a dedicated seed phrase backup manager for multiple wallets, the Cypherock X1 offers versatility and robust security. It provides peace of mind for cryptocurrency holders, offering a comprehensive solution to the critical task of safeguarding your digital assets in an increasingly digital world.

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