Safe Vacation Tips while traveling with Crypto

Team Cypherock
Team Cypherock
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Safe Vacation Tips while traveling with Crypto

As with any valuable asset, it’s important to take steps to protect your cryptocurrency when you’re traveling, particularly if you’re going to be crossing international borders or using public WiFi networks. In this article, we’ll provide some tips to help you keep your cryptocurrency secure while traveling, including using secure storage solutions, being cautious about sharing personal information, and using trusted networks and devices. By following these simple steps, you can protect your cryptocurrencies and keep it safe while on the go.

Awesome, The journey begins!


You reach the airport and paranoia hits. What if the security check guards stop you? Will passing the wallet through the X-ray machine affect the internal secure element? What if the X-ray machine damages the device?

Too many questions, too little answers.

Tips while travelling

  1. Switch off your Devices
  2. While in the security check, the X-ray machine can hamper with the internals of the wallet. It’s recommended to power off all your sensitive information carrying devices completely. Doing so serves two purposes:

    • Powering off the device substantially lowers the risk of any kind of damage to the internals of the device.
    • Switching off the devices helps in avoiding any kind of unauthorized access to your device as always being on makes your computer a more visible and available target for hackers; shutting down breaks the connection a hacker may have established with your network and disrupts any possible mischief.

  3. Carry your devices with sensitive information in carry-on baggage/ handbag
  4. In the case there is a breach of your luggage that you are checking-in, carrying valuable devices with sensitive information can be catastrophic. You are better off carrying them in your hand baggage/carry-on baggage.

  5. Implement MFA on sensitive accounts and apps
  6. Make sure your sensitive accounts and apps have Multi-Factor Authentication enabled before you travel. Hardware-based MFAs are by far the best way to secure anything sensitive. Yubikey and Titan Security Key should be on the list of considerations. But, make sure you keep them separate from your devices while you travel.

  7. Switch off any shared networks
  8. File sharing, for example Airdrop on iOS and Mac OS can enable bad actors to install viruses, worms, spyware, Trojans or other malicious code into files. The same goes for Public WiFi and bluetooth. You are better off switching off any kind of shared network on your devices.

    Only in case of emergency should you connect to public WiFis, that too tunnelled through a secured non-logging VPN. You can consider Proton VPN and IVPN.

  9. Stay away from Public charger stations
  10. Attackers put up makeshift charging stations as a bait and wait for unpatched devices to connect. While the device charges, the USB charging station is used to compromise connected devices with a process known as Juice Jacking .

  11. Never carry seed phrases on your person
  12. Most wallets today have a single point of failure in the form of a seed phrase backup. Carrying the backup on your person at airports can be dangerous as it may be exposed to surveillance or unwanted individuals.

    In a recent incident, a search conducted by the state police agency for Nevada ended up making a suspect’s seed phrase public after being picked up by the body cam.

    Newer generation wallets like Cypherock do not require seed phrase backups, therefore your seed phrases are never stored in plain text. Additionally, the private key of the wallet is distributed into multiple components to reduce the overall attack surface. Therefore, a malicious entity getting access to any one of these components has a zero chance of compromising your crypto.

    Steps to maximize security with Cypherock X1:
    • X1 Cards are encrypted NFC-enabled. An attacker getting very close to the X1 Cards can potentially communicate with the cards. To prevent any unauthorised access, make sure to keep your X1 Cards stored in Card Protector Sleeve, which is included in the box. Protector sleeve acts as a faraday cage which is used to block electromagnetic fields.
    • Do not carry more components than you need. The best practice is to carry the X1 wallet and one X1 Card. The X1 Card looks like any other credit or debit card, so has the least probability of intriguing anyone, and can be easily carried in an existing physical wallet.
      • If traveling with family or a group. Try to distribute these two components within your travel partners.
      • If you are traveling alone for greater duration of time with certainty of your destination and accommodation. To minimize any risks of carrying both components through the airport, you can get one of the components delivered to your accommodation and carry the other in-person.


You reached your destination safe and securely. Let’s learn the steps to protect your crypto while you enjoy the destination.

Tips while you explore your destination

  1. Your Privacy is your first step towards your protection
  2. If you care about you and your loved ones, do not tell any and every stranger that you deal with cryptocurrencies. Web3 paraphernalia are best to be avoided due to the attention that they may garner.

  3. Privacy for notable people in crypto business
  4. If you are a well renowned crypto personality, wearing a mask can be a good practice in preserving your identity. Small changes in your looks can go a long way when it comes to protecting the people you care about.

  5. Hotel Room Safes aren’t Safe
  6. Hotel room safes are built for the convenience of the hotel staff and usually have a bypass key used in case some guest changes key and forgets or leave the accommodation. This allows them to peep into them with close to no effort and trace.

    Instead it’s better to carry the devices and important documents with you. With Cypherock X1, you can distribute the components between multiple family members or hide one in the accommodation, while you carry one with you whenever you leave the accommodation.

  7. Don’t let anyone near your phone or laptop
  8. It’s a general practice to help strangers by giving them your phone for a call, but these good deeds can easily be used against you. Attackers can easily pull off a Sim Swap Attack if they have physical access to your unlocked phone even for a short duration of time.

  9. Crypto Parties
  10. Humans are social animals and we love to interact with other like minded individuals. We all visit events resonating with our interests ,and crypto events are no exception. When you enter these events make sure the organisers aren’t breaching your privacy by clicking your pictures and adding them to their publicly released content. These public records breach your privacy and dox you. Make sure to read terms and conditions of these events before you enter.

  11. Crypto Payments
  12. Crypto friendly areas tend to receive a lot of attention due to the novelty of being able to pay for goods with your crypto. Since these locations tend to be well marketed, and niche, this instantly puts you on the radar of attackers who can pull off a 5 Wrench Attack on you.

  13. Travel in a Group
  14. If you weren’t able to preserve your identity. It’s probable that your relation with crypto is already out there in the public and you could already be a target. A deserted road is all it takes to target you. Make sure you travel in a group and be completely aware of your surroundings. A deserted road could be all that the attacker needs to initiate an assault.


While self custody can be a cumbersome experience, it is the only way to truly own your assets. The downfall of centralized entities has proven that it is always better to be responsible for protecting yourself and what you own instead of giving that power to some other entity.

Our aim with this article was to educate you and implementing at least a few of these pointers will help you create the security mindset. This mindset will go a long way in your journey of self custody. Remember the mantra ” not your keys, not your crypto”.

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