Navigating Challenges: Understanding Crypto Exchanges, Bitcoin Supply Slump, and the Rise of Self-Custody

Team Cypherock
Team Cypherock
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Navigating Challenges: Understanding Crypto Exchanges, Bitcoin Supply Slump, and the Rise of Self-Custody


The cryptocurrency market has encountered significant challenges, shaping the landscape for investors and market participants. In this blog post, we will explore three critical developments: the lowest trading volumes in recent years, the slump in Bitcoin supply on exchanges in 2023, and the increasing preference for self-custody solutions. By examining these narratives together, we can gain valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of the crypto market and the factors driving user behaviour.

Crypto Exchanges Finish with Lowest Volumes

The year 2022 witnessed a notable decline in trading volumes across crypto exchanges, reaching their lowest levels in recent years. According to The Block’s Data Dashboard, the seven-day moving average of exchange volumes plummeted by 47.6% compared to the previous month. This decline harkened back to December 2020, a time when Bitcoin first surpassed $20,000. Several factors contributed to this decline, including bearish market sentiment and the repercussions of FTX exchange’s bankruptcy filing.

Slump in Bitcoin Supply on Exchanges

Continuing into 2023, the crypto market experienced a significant slump in Bitcoin supply held on exchanges. Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, recently discontinued its zero-fee trading promotion. This decision had a notable impact on trading volumes, as zero-fee trades accounted for 66% of Binance’s trading volume in mid-March. The removal of this promotion resulted in a significant drop in trading activity, with average volumes of the BTC-USDT trading pair plummeting by 90%. The termination of zero-fee trading was a strategic move by Binance, likely aiming to address concerns over profitability and regulatory compliance. However, it led to a short-term decline in Binance’s market share, which dropped from over 70% to approximately 58%. This event highlights the influence of promotional strategies on trading volumes and the delicate balance between attracting users and sustaining profitability in the highly competitive crypto exchange landscape.

The Rise of Self-Custody

CoinDesk has reported a growing trend of individuals opting for self-custody solutions, reflecting a shift towards taking control of their digital assets. This trend aligns with the increasing awareness of the risks associated with centralized exchanges and the desire for greater autonomy and security. Self-custody wallets, such as hardware wallets like Cypherock X1 offer users direct control over their cryptocurrencies. CoinDesk’s insights highlight the significance of self-custody as a response to concerns over exchange vulnerabilities and regulatory uncertainties.

The Need for Secure Self-Custody with Cypherock X1

In the midst of these recent challenges faced by the cryptocurrency market, one thing remains clear: the importance of secure self-custody solutions. With the rise of hacking incidents, exchange implosions, and regulatory uncertainties, relying on third-party custodial services may expose your digital assets to unnecessary risks. That’s where Cypherock X1 comes into play.

Cypherock X1 is the ultimate hardware wallet that empowers individuals to take full control of their cryptocurrencies. By securely storing your private keys offline and utilizing advanced encryption algorithms, Cypherock X1 ensures unparalleled security for your digital assets. Its unique seedless model, based on Shamir Secret Sharing, further enhances protection by distributing your private key shards across different locations.

With Cypherock X1, you can enjoy the benefits of self-custody, including full control of your funds, near-zero risk of hacking, and peace of mind knowing that your coins will never mysteriously disappear. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a long-term hodler, Cypherock X1 is the solution that allows you to safeguard your crypto fortress.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve and face new challenges, embracing secure self-custody with Cypherock X1 becomes increasingly crucial. By taking ownership of your digital assets and minimizing reliance on centralized exchanges or custodial services, you can ensure the long-term security and protection of your investments.

The recent events in the cryptocurrency market highlights the need for individuals to prioritize self-custody and secure storage solutions like Cypherock X1. Don’t leave your digital assets vulnerable to hacks, exchange collapses, or regulatory uncertainties. Embrace the power of self-custody and trust in Cypherock X1 to defend your crypto fortress.


The recent challenges faced by the cryptocurrency market, including low trading volumes, a slump in Bitcoin supply, and the rise of self-custody solutions, present both obstacles and opportunities for investors and industry participants. While the decrease in trading volumes raises concerns about market liquidity and overall sentiment, it does not diminish the long-term potential of cryptocurrencies. The industry has demonstrated resilience in the face of challenges, bouncing back from periods of low activity and price fluctuations.

As the market evolves, it is crucial for exchanges to adapt to changing dynamics, implement robust security measures, and prioritize regulatory compliance. Moreover, the rise of self-custody indicates a growing need for user control and security in the management of digital assets. By empowering individuals to safeguard their cryptocurrencies, self-custody solutions can enhance trust and foster long-term growth in the crypto ecosystem.

Investors and industry participants should remain vigilant, staying informed about market developments, regulatory changes, and best practices for securing their assets. With a proactive approach to risk management and a focus on education, individuals can navigate the challenges and seize opportunities in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. By fostering collaboration between exchanges, regulators, and users, we can build a resilient and secure crypto ecosystem that fuels innovation and drives widespread adoption.

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