October 31, 2022

Safest way to backup your Farcaster Identity

Follow this step-by-step guide on Backing up your Farcaster Recovery Phrase.

Pre-Setup Instructions

  • Keep your X1 Wallet and four X1 Cards handy.
  • Connect your X1 Wallet to your computer using the provided cable.

Creating Recovery Phrase Backup

  1. In X1 Wallet Main Menu, Click Create Wallet > Restore from Seed.
  2. Name the Wallet
  3. Note: Cypherock X1 let’s you create upto four unique wallets, each with completely separate keys.
  4. Select Seed length - 12 Words
  5. Input desired PIN
  6. Note: Setting up a strong PIN is highly recommended for all your wallets. Make sure to backup your PINs, forgetting PINs can lead to permanent loss of funds.
  7. Enter Farcaster Recovery Phrase
  8. Verify Recovery Phrase
  9. Recovery Phrase verification is needed only for your personal verification before you sync your wallet with X1 Wallet and X1 Cards.
  10. Sequentially tap all your X1 Cards onto your X1 Wallet to generate backup on X1.
  11. Redo the previous step in order to verify wallet backup onto X1.

Viewing Recovery Phrase Backup

  1. In X1 Wallet Main Menu, Click on your Farcaster Wallet > View Seed.
  2. Tap on any one of the four X1 Cards to re-construct your Recovery Phrase.

Enjoy using Farcaster without the stress of ever losing your identity on the protocol!

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